Summer is officially here in my book! Why? I bought a lime green cruiser and boy am I excited about it!

I told Trevor when the warm weather came that I really wanted to get a bike. I imagined riding my bike with my friends to a park here with this amazing hill and climbing up it with a picnic dinner and star gazing while listening to Coldplay. This bike held all of my summer dreams!

I checked out every store to find a color that I was ok with matches my wardrobe, and ended up in Walmart for the best deal and color.

As we walked the bike to the front of the store, every person we passed commented on this cruiser, I am NOT joking! At least 8 people made comments about this bike! We passed an older woman who told me it reminded her of a bike she had when she was younger “I think it’s in the garage with a flat tire, but it was a beautiful bike” For a moment she had memory in her eyes. A little girl walked passed with her brother “cool bike!” she said. The lady behind us in line pointed out how cute the bike was, a salesperson walked by saying that was her favorite color. THIS BIKE WAS MAGICAL! Everyone loves this cruiser, and moments later it was mine! We some how jammed it into the back of our car and drove home. As we were locking it to the bike racks in the front of our apartment a lady walked by and said “I love that bike!”

I think I made a good decision.

I made quick plans to take the cruiser out for the first time.  My friend Marissa recently fulfilled her summer dreams in buying a Penny skateboard. So I invited her over for a ride together. We found a hidden path and followed it to its end, we rode for a while and stopped for some ice cream. We had a good summer day.

This bike represents the experiences of Summer. It’s more than a bike, it’s a reviver, it’s adventure, it’s quality time with friends.

Summer is here. Go on adventures and enjoy the little things!