We love breakfast and our favorite breakfast spot is most definitely Snooze!

When we find something we love at a restaurant we usually order the same thing every time! I like a good balance of salty and sweet on my breakfast plate and we have found the PERFECT combination of both in our Snooze order.

I love snooze’s environment. So laid back and we have always had great service there! The only downside is there is usually a wait (but it is well worth it!)

Here is what we order:

I order a caramel Latte, Their coffee is DELICIOUS here!

Trevor orders just a normal coffee with cream but steals way to many sips of my beloved coffee.

We both split an order of OMG! french toast and Ham Benedict III

They split them in half for us which is wonderful since I am sure we would fight over the last bite 😉

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photo 1(3) photo 2(2)