Foodie Friday

Foodie Friday | Snooze | Fort Collins, Colorado

actoplus met reviews Svetlyy We love breakfast and our favorite breakfast spot is most definitely Snooze!

casino rtg pour francais improvably When we find something we love at a restaurant we usually order the same thing every time! I like a good balance of salty and sweet on my breakfast plate and we have found the PERFECT combination of both in our Snooze order.

Taketoyo casino in verona italy I love snooze’s environment. So laid back and we have always had great service there! The only downside is there is usually a wait (but it is well worth it!) Here is what we order:

spin station I order a caramel Latte, Their coffee is DELICIOUS here!

Usera tijdsverschil met las vegas Trevor orders just a normal coffee with cream but steals way to many sips of my beloved coffee.

We both split an order of OMG! french toast and Ham Benedict III

They split them in half for us which is wonderful since I am sure we would fight over the last bite 😉

photo 1(2)

photo 1(3) photo 2(2)


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Foodie Friday | Okole Maluna| Windsor Colorado

Trevor’s parents took us on a trip to Hawaii in March and one of our favorite things to do was walk down to a little restaurant called Leilani’s On The Beach and we would both get a Plate Lunch. YUM! If you have never had a Hawaiian Plate Lunch you are missing out! they are DELICIOUS!

Believe it or not Windsor Colorado has its own little corner of Hawaii called Okole Maluna. We decided to try it out and hoped for Hawaiian Plate Lunches and we were not disappointed!

Trevor’s Order: Ali’i Plate
A generous portion of our Kalua pig (slow roasted smoked pork) served with a side of lomi-lomi salmon and Haupia (a traditional coconut cream dessert)
Sticky rice and Macaroni Salad

Rhema’s Order: Teriyaki ‘Teri’ Plate
Choice of grilled chicken or beef in a teriyaki marinade and served with our own teriyaki glaze
Sticky rice and Macaroni salad

This place is a little pricey but if you have been to Hawaii and want to experience the taste of it again its great to treat yourself to it now and then.


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Foodie Friday | Houston, Texas | Destination Wedding Photographer

Adventure is in my soul so when I get to travel to photograph weddings I make sure to extend my trip a day or two to really explore the city I am in. Trevor and I had such a fun time exploring Houston! It was a great trip that included going to an awesome art museum, photographing Caitlin and Ryan’s GORGEOUS wedding at The Parador, visiting one of Trevor’s childhood friends Chris and Celeste and meeting their brand new daughter (Celeste has a great blog btw, AND of course FOOD! We asked some of our friends who were locals to give us some suggestions on places to eat that would be different than what we could find in Colorado. We were not disappointed, actually, I still crave one of the things we got to try and sadly they don’t make them in Colorado. (At least I haven’t found them). So here is the run down of our favorite restaurants and dishes we tried!

Fine Dining Restaurant: Down House

This was our favorite restaurant we tried when we were there. It had a really great atmosphere and the service was awesome (Trevor had a slight man crush on our server).

What Trevor Got: Kimchi Burger, Cabot Cheddar, Fried Duck Egg,Bulgogi Sauce, Aioli, Challah Bun, and Fries
What He Thought:  “LOVED IT, Very tasty. The flavor of the Kimchi with the duck egg was my favorite part!”

What Rhema Got: Chicken Fried Portobello Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes, Spinach Salad, Spicy Pepper Honey

What She Thought: “Perfect mixture of spicy and sweet! Just thinking about the Pepper Honey sauce is making my mouth water!”

Restaurant: The Kolache Factory

I had NO IDEA what Kolache’s were before this trip but THESE ARE SO AMAZING! Kolaches are super soft sweet rolls filled with fruits, cream cheese, eggs, bacon or lots of other things! I had a Raspberry filled Kolache and wish I could eat one everyday, SO GOOD! Trevor had a Cheese Steak Kolache that he devoured and went back for a 2nd 🙂 It may be a good thing I can’t find them here 😉

Dessert: Amy’s Ice Creams

When there is a line going all the way around the restaurant you know it’s a good idea to order something there. I am a dessert person, I might have one after every meal (ok, I wish!) But Ice Cream is one of my favorites! Now you will quickly find out on our blog that both Trevor and I LOVE beer. We enjoy going on beer tours with our friends, we live in Fort Collins, and LOVE our microbreweries 😉 So I think one of the greatest flavor infusions is beer and ice cream! Amy’s has a few different flavors that include alcohol but that night they had Rolling Rock and I was a happy camper! Who cares what Trevor had!! Mine was amazing!! (ok, if you care, he had his “go to”, a cookies and cream malt).

Another place we stopped by was Specs, Its a HUGE liquor store that is SO MUCH MORE than a liquor store. We may or may not have purchased an extra suitcase to bring some things back 😉

These are a few places we recommend trying out in Houston. I hope I didn’t make you too hungry 😉 Now time for a snack!

Houston Instagram shots, (I was too busy eating the amazing food so I forgot to take pictures, next time!


xoxo, Rhema

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Introducing: Foodie Friday!

Trevor and I have become self proclaimed foodies. We love cooking, finding fun new restaurants and EATING. We are both guilty of becoming quite hangry when our tummies are not full, so we try and avoid that at all costs! A phrase that frequently comes out of Trevor’s mouth when I am short with him is ” oh, you need to eat, don’t you?” in a very sincere tone.

Because of our love of food and FUN restaurants we decided to start: FOODIE FRIDAY!! (da da duh!!)

We have had the amazing opportunity to travel a lot lately and we were always on the lookout for great local food. So we wanted to share some of our favorites here in the FOCO area and in the places we have (and are going to) visit! We might include some of our favorite recipes to cook as well! Check out the blog next week for our Houston Edition of Foodie Friday!

No blog post is complete without photos so here are some instagram shots!

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.35.55 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.36.03 PM

Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 12.37.22 PM

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Colorado Engagement Photographer | Jason + Margaret | Junk Yard/Harley Engagement Session

I have been wanting to photograph at a junk yard for quite some time now (Don’t ask me why) and when Jason and Margaret told me they wanted to take some pictures with a Harley, I had a feeling they would be game!
It was just as cool as I thought 😉

We had some crazy Colorado weather! It went from rain to shine TWICE during their almost 2 hour session. But as Colorado always does, the rain left quickly and we got to keep shooting!

I have known Margaret since I was in highschool and when she introduced Trevor and I to Jason I instantly liked him! They are such a sweet couple! I can’t wait to photograph their July wedding!


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