2014 according to Instagram

capoten precio This year was the best year yet! As I looked through my instagram to find pictures for this post I realized just how blessed I am to get to do what I love and go to some incredible places! I had the opportunity to go on 10 trips this year! Whoa! whatta year! I LOVE to travel. Airports and airplanes are some of my favorite things, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures is something that I love to do on a regular bases. I think traveling is an incredible way to enrich your life and seeing the world makes you view life from a new perspective. This past year I mostly saw new places in the united states. but just because I didn’t have to travel far doesn’t mean it didn’t impact me for the better. 2014 started with our best friends having their sweet son.
kingsley_myyearinstagram.jpg I headed to Santa Barbara California for an amazing photographers conference with some wonderful friends! Riding bikes and the ocean are 2 things that I absolutely love so when we found out we could rent bikes from our hotel and ride to the beach boy was I excited!

troppo casino in italiano I flew straight from Santa Barbara to one of my FAVORITE places in the world: Mazatlan, Mexico! This trip was life changing! God taught me so much and reminded me of my heart for the country and people of Mexico (I can’t wait to be back in 1 week!!)


romee spielen I came home for 2 days and hopped back onto a plane to head to Hawaii with Trevor’s family. I spent my birthday on the beach sipping starbucks and with my sweet husband! I found out why Hawaii has rainbows on their license plates and got to enjoy some of the best food!

casino italiana assicurazioni padova italia harta Kreuzlingen Back in Colorado Trevor was the most excited person I have ever seen to get handicap parking! ha! Trevor was born with a neurological disorder called CMT that effects his muscles. This is maybe the only perk of the disorder but boy do we love it! This picture reminds me what an amazing attitude my husband has toward life and hardships he faces


We discovered a new love for Sushi!! I could have it EVERYDAY!! yum!


We went to Houston Texas to photograph a wedding and enjoyed exploring and trying some yummy food.


Trevor had to get surgery on his foot and had doctors appointments every week so we decided to eat at snooze weekly! Love snooze dates with him <3


I got to go to Lake Providence Lousiana with the youth group we are leaders for. It was such a great trip and this little cutie stole my heart


4th of July is a highlight every year!! Its my favorite holiday and just one of my favorite things all year!!

We celebrated our 2 year anniversary on July 6th

My bike is one of my favorite things I got last year!

These memories are some of the best of the summer! we found a firefly (in colorado!! what??!!) I hadn’t seen one since I was a kid!! We had such a fun summer riding bikes and playing Dutch Blits!

Trevor and I fell in love with Fishing together!


Another favorite summer memory was this Pinterest Perfect Annversary Celebration for Kate and Dustin

2014’s summer camp was one of the most life changing for me!!


We try and make it to Wyoming to stay at Trevors family’s house and ranch at least once a summer. I caught a bigger fish than Trevor and he wasn’t super excited about that 🙂



I got to visit the east coast for the first time! New Jersey, New York and Connecticut! It was such a great trip with my favorite Sarah Perkins.


We explored Zion National Park for the first time and Shot a beautiful wedding there!

Then had a mini vacation in Vegas, where we ate at a Gordan Ramsay Resturant!

We had a best friends trip to Arizona with our these guys!

and Finally I returned to Mexico City for the first time in 6 years! Exploring this beautiful city was a highlight of my year!


We had such a great year that I don’t know how 2014 can be topped! But boy am I excited to see dreams come to life in 2015!

Happy New Year!

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Behind The Scenes of 2014!

2014 was a great year! Photography took me to Houston, New Jersey and Utah and it was a blast all along the way!

Here are a few behind the scenes images of Trevor and I in Action!

a 2nd shooter is best for test shots 😉

and then there was that one time that Trevor ripped his pants at a wedding! Don’t worry, he brought a back up pair!

Thats just a small taste of how are year went! A blog post of some of my favorite images from 2014 is coming tomorrow!

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Austin wedding photographer | Our anniversary in Austin Texas

One year ago I sat as my hair and make up were perfected. One year ago I slipped on a fluffy white dress. One year ago I sat in the rain hoping it would pass. One year ago I spoke Trevor’s name as he turned around tears in his eyes. One year ago I walked down the aisle towards my fiance. One year ago I said “I do” and became a wife!!

I cannot believe its been one year! This year we have traveled to Mexico, Went to Disneyland for the first time, went on a cruise with our best friends, and traveled to El Salvador on Trevor’s first mission trip and finally celebrated our anniversary while we were in Austin, Texas to photograph a wedding!

These are just the places we traveled but the adventures have been deeper than where we have gone.

I am a lucky girl to get to spend my life with such a loving, caring, funny, sweet, generous, interesting, intelligent man!! I can’t wait to see where year two takes us!

Here are some photos from our anniversary in Austin!

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