Class Of 2015 | Senior Spokesmodel Wanted

Rhema Faith Photography is now searching for Class of 2015 Senior Spokesmodels!

If you are a 2015 senior girl and think you would be perfect to represent Rhema Faith Photography then this is for you!

What do you get for being a 2015 Senior Spokesmodel?

  • A stylized group shoot with all the 2015 senior models complete with professional hair and makeup  (taken in April/May 2014)
  • Web-sized social media photos to show your friends (twitter, instagram, Facebook, ext)
  • Your photos will be featured in all Rhema Faith Photography promotional material for  2014/15

 What are the perks?

I will give you Spokesmodel Cards to hand out to your friends and other 2015 seniors you know! For every booked referral you will receive Cash and Prizes!

  • $25 cash for each booked referral!
  • On your 5th booked referral you will receive $100 cash!
  • On your 10th booked referral you will receive an IPad Mini!

I am looking for 3-5 senior girl models this year!
Remember the deadline to apply is February 28th 2014
You want in? Apply below!

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Behind The Scenes of 2013 Weddings

2013 was amazing!! we loved all the amazing weddings we got to capture. Here are a few behind the scenes (read “test shots”) pictures of us doing our thang!

I realized we need to take more behind the scenes pictures! we will work on that! 😉

our 2014 season has already started with 2 weddings in January. Check back for their blog feature! 🙂

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Huntington Beach California Wedding | Andrew and Rachel

I was honored to get to fly out to California at the beginning of December (Right when Colorado hit below zero temperatures! Booyah!) to photograph Andrew and Rachel’s GORGEOUS wedding!

Andrew is always the life of the party! His love for specialty craft beers and his center of attention personality was evident in their FUN and over-the-top wedding day!

Rachel is an incredible artist ( and one of the sweetest people I have ever met! She is sincere and genuine in her love and appreciation for others and especially her love for Andrew!

In Rachel’s vows she told Andrew “I will travel with you across the world and be your partner in all of lives adventures!” now they are doing just that! Andrew has always been a guy that people want to know so when I heard he won the job that is named the “best job in the world” as Australia’s “Chief Funster” I was not surprised! Shortly after their amazing wedding day they picked up and moved across the world to start their adventure in Australia!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the day! (I am IN LOVE with Rachel’s Gorgeous dress!)


Photography: Rhema Faith Photography
Venue: Newland House Musuem  Huntington Beach, California
Rachel’s Gown: Vera Wang

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Colorado Wedding Photographer | Photography FAQ’s

I get a lot of emails asking lots of questions about my business, photography, what kind of camera  I use etc. So I wanted to start a FAQ series to answer some of these questions for everyone!
Here is the first edition of FAQ
Q: What kind of Camera do you use?
A: Trevor and I both shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III! I LOVE IT!
I started with a Canon 40D and then upgraded to a 7D Before I purchased the Mark III.
Q: What editing software do you use?
A: I use both Lightroom and Photoshop!
Q:What lenses do you recommend for Portraits?
A: For just starting out I totally recommend getting a 50mm 1.8 (or 1.4/1.2)
I promise you will fall in love 😉
Q:What advice do you give new photographers when choosing photography equipment but are not established enough to make large purchases?
A: I have totally been there! Everyone starts somewhere! 2 things I would say: First, learn your camera front and back and once you feel like it starts holding you back that’s when its time to upgrade. I think (especially if you are photographing weddings) you really need to have reliable and adequate equipment for the job. So if you don’t have the work to support your gear habit (lets face it, you will ALWAYS want more gear) Than my 2nd advice is to rent! I actually still rent equipment. My favorite place to rent from is but you can also try Its also a good way to test out gear before you buy!!

Q: When you export your files out of Lightroom what are your settings? Do you have two different settings, one for when you are going to print the picture, and one when you are going to post on FB or a blog?
A:My settings exporting from lightroom are: Long Edge 5000 pixels Resolution: 300 pixels per inch.
I export the same no matter if I am using it for blog or FB or giving to clients. However I use a program called BlogStomp to resize for FB and Blog 🙂

Q: Have you ever done a shoot and gone home and felt like your images are never good enough. Is this a normal thing? 
A: I love this question because I think its not talked about enough. YES! this is totally normal! I think we have a desire for our images to look exactly how we see in our head and in the beginning before we master our camera and really know how things work we sometimes can’t seem to make the images be how we want. Then there are just days where lets face it, you just feel like you suck! Know that this has happened even to the best photographers I know! Most the time when I feel this way my clients still LOVE their images. If you want to talk more about this, please reach out to me. But I think it helps to know you’re not alone, and just continue to master your craft and go above and beyond to make your clients happy! We are our own worst critique. 

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions!! You can always email me if you have any other questions!  I will be doing this again sometime for sure! 🙂 

<3 Rhema

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